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LONGITUDE (Cayman) Ltd. is a Cayman Islands exempted company established in 1995 and registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority as a Registered Person under Section 5(4) and Schedule 4 of the Securities Investment Business Act (Revised) of the Cayman Islands, and as such carry on Investment Advisory and Investment Management services exclusively to sophisticated persons, high net worth persons or Cayman Islands Registered Mutual Funds.

For more than two decades, LONGITUDE (Cayman) Ltd. has acquired a solid combination of expertise and practical experience built on a foundation of the highest ethical standards, risk consciousness and good common sense, all essential to the delivery of today’s leading international financial services. 

With roots in the industrial world, we understand that investing is like high complication watchmaking and requires precision engineering and considerable know-how to assemble hundreds of small components.  This is also true of investment management and at all stages of the process, we are devoted to offering the highest quality to our clients.

“The thorniest scientific problem of the eighteenth century was how to determine longitude. Many thousands of lives had been lost at sea over the centuries due to the inability to determine an east-west position of a point on the Earth’s surface. In 1761, John Harrison, a humble Yorkshire carpenter, ultimately solved the problem that Newton and Galileo had failed to conquer, by inventing the first marine chronometer, the H4.”


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